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Access Control with Biometric Finger Identification

The FingerKey DX-2000 brings the security and convenience of biometric identification to any access control application at an affordable price. FingerKey DX-2000 terminals verify people based on their unique fingerprint, not a card, key or PIN that can easily be transferred to someone else.

Fingerprint readers are a secure and lower cost biometric alternative for access control points that have minimal traffic flow and small user populations. They are an ideal solution for securely gaining access to computer rooms, telco closets, document control facilities, laboratories and other key or critical infrastructure points.

The elimination of cards drives down the cost of administration while substantially increasing the level of security. Users appreciate the convenience of never worrying about keeping a card or key.


  • High security, low cost solution

  • Perfect for small user populations

  • Elegant design fits into any environment

  • Durable optical sensor design

  • Instant biometric security for new and existing electronic access control systems

  • External card reader inputs allow for simple integration to existing card-based systems

  • Extremely flexible with a controllable LED bar and buzzer, plus configurable Wiegand and Clock/Data inputs and outputs

  • Multiple units can be networked with or without a PC

  • Stylish, high quality terminal with keypad and LCD

  • Easy installatino to double gang-box

  • Ethernet communication option

  • Optional HandNet Lite software provides a graphical user interface for template distribution over serial or Ethernet networks along with system monitoring and configurable Wiegand formatting


  • Product Name: FingerKey DX-2000

  • Size: 5.31" (width) x 5.03" (height) x 2.98" (depth)
    (13.49cm x 12.78cm x 7.75cm) 

  • Weight: 1.5 lbs. (2.7 kg)

  • Verification time: 2 seconds, typical

  • Template size: 400 bytes per image with two images per finger

  • Power: 12VDC±10% Reg. .5 AMP Max, 12VDC±10% Reg. 0.2 AMP Nominal

  • Memory retention: Up to 2 years via the standard internal lithium battery

  • ID number: 1 to 15 digits from keypad, 1-20 digits from card reader

  • Communications: RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet option

  • Baud rate: 4800,9600,19200,28800,38400,57600

  • User capacity: 250 users standard, 500 and 2000 Users Optional, 2 fingers per user

  • Card reader input: Proximity, Wiegand, magnetic stripe

  • Card reader output: Wiegand (Multiple configurations), magnetic stripe(ABA Track 2)

  • Duress code: Alternate Finger

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