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Add-on Modules for Jupiter Software

An ever increasing list of optional modules makes the Jupiter Time & Attendance software the most versatile system available. Choices include “virtual” punch options that require no specialized time clock hardware, data merge, and Web-enabled modules that allow editing of timecards and printing of reports from remote locations through the Internet.

Accrual Module STD JC CS SBE

Automatically calculates benefit hours such as sick and vacation time based on your company’s policies and restrictions. The system performs availability checks when entering these hours at the time card edit screen, preventing the use and payment of hours not yet earned. Accrual reports display the number of hours accrued, earned, used and available for review by supervisors and management.

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Employee Web Time Entry STD

With the Employee Time Entry program, employees can

  • Enter their own start and end work times,
  • View their hours for the current and previous pay periods,
  • Check the amount of benefit hours available (requires the optional accrual module).
  • View their work schedule for the current and previous pay periods.

This is an essential tool for those employees working from home, or from a remote job site, when they do not have access to a time clock to punch In or Out.

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Employee Self Service Module STD CS

The employee (& supervisor) can view the employee’s worked hours, personal hours, earnings, and shift/schedule for the current and previous pay periods.

The employee’s available accrued hours (Sick, Vacation, etc.) can also be viewed if your Jantek software has the accrual module.

The Employee Self Service software allows employees to request Paid Time Off through an easy-to-use interface. An employee can also see whether a request has been approved or denied.

Supervisors use a separate interface for viewing employee requests and can approve or reject these requests as necessary. Once a request has been approved, it is automatically posted into the employee's time card.

Vacation Request/Approval STD CS

The Vacation Request/Approval module allows for employees to directly request vacation or PTO through a simple interface. Employees can login and request time under any Jantek pay code.

Supervisors use a separate interface for viewing employee requests and can approve or reject these requests as necessary. Once a request has been approved, it can then be posted into the employee's time card through the same interface.

Sample screens:
   [Employee Interface]
   [Employee Request]
   [Supervisor Interface]

Lock-Out Module STD JC CS SBE

Lock-out Module will prevent employees from clock in early and/or clock out late. It can prevent employees from punch IN/OUT outside their assigned shift.

Door Access Control STD JC CS SBE

Use the same time card for door access control. Electric locks can be connected to our card reader to trigger a door to open with a valid time card. Program who can access which door at what time & what day. View or print door access history report from Jantek software.

Payroll Interface STD JC CS SBE

Over 190 payroll interfaces are available, allowing connectivity to your company’s payroll service provider or in-house payroll system. Available interfaces include ADP, Paychex, Evolution, Millennium and QuickBooks. Payroll interfaces ensure data transfers are 100% accurate, save valuable employee time and eliminate human error.

View the Payroll Interfaces Currently Available

Bell Scheduling STD JC CS SBE

Connect your Jantek time clock to an electric bell for automatic ringing. Different ring times can be programmed for each day of the week.

Lunch Lock-out STD CS

This option will prevent employees from clocking back IN early from Lunch. Employees must take minimum 30 minutes lunch. Lunch Lock-out does not work across multiple time clocks. Employees must use the same time clock for both lunch punches. E-mail your time clock reader status report to support@jantek.com to see if your existing Jantek time clock supports Lunch Lock-out or not.

PBJ Report Export STD CS

Payroll Based Journal report exporting software for Nursing Home to meet ACA Requirement.

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Import Schedule Utility STD

Work schedule can be import to Jantek Jupiter software in Excel file format. Supervisors and employees do not need to have access to Jantek Jupiter software to create work schedule.

“Virtual” Punch Options


The PC Punch software utilizes the employee’s workstation PC as a data collection device or a dedicated PC may be used for employees to record their hours worked.

Eliminates long lines at the time clock and the need for time clocks and badges all together.

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Web Punch STD

Utilizing the latest Internet technologies, Web Punch enables you to use your web browser to register employees’ punches and to manage employee attendance in real time.

Employees punch IN and OUT through the internet, anywhere in the world.

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Web Punch CS CS

Similar to Web Punch, employees can punch IN and OUT through the Internet or company intranet. This version integrates directly to the SQL database, eliminating the need to collect data.

In addition, powerful messaging features alert users when there are unviewed public and/or private messages. Employees can also review total hours worked in the pay period and previous punches.

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Phone Punch STD CS

Phone Punch utilizes office equipment that is both familiar and comfortable to everyone. Not only is it convenient, it is also fast and easy to learn and use. 

Employees simply punch IN and OUT using the keypad on the telephone.

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Wireless Web Punch CS

Harnessing the power of Internet connectivity and mobile phone technology, Wireless Web Punch allows employees to register their attendance using any Web enabled cellular phone.

Both IN and OUT punches, as well as Job transfers are possible with this optional module for Jupiter 9.0.

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Web-enabled Modules

Web Timecards CS

Managers or supervisors don’t need to be at the company’s location to edit employees’ timecards.

From any location in the world using a standard Web browser, additions, corrections, and deletions can be made and the information is instantaneously updated in Jupiter 9.0’s database. In addition to hours worked, Web Timecards allows users to add earnings and deductions.

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Web Pay Data STD CS

Jantek’s Web Pay Data was designed for branch managers, company personnel, and small business owners to enter their employees’ pay data through the Internet in any time zone anywhere in the world.

The data is instantly updated in the main database, ready for payroll processing.

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Web Reports CS

The Web Reports module makes it easy for managers to run reports on employee time and attendance information through the convenience of an intranet or Internet Web page.

Management staff can view time card details, total hours worked and exceptions such as tardy arrivals and missing punches. Web Reports allows most up-to-date reports as data is drawn directly from the Jupiter 9.0 database.

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Data Merge

Merge Module STD JC CS SBE

The Merge Module allows companies with multiple locations to manage employees time and attendance data from each location, and send a file to the headquarters to be merged for payroll processing.

Once the merge files are created, the data can be transported in a variety of methods including floppy disk, email, FTP, and pcAnywhere.*

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Web Merge CS

Utilizing the latest Internet technologies, Web Merge is an excellent solution for companies with multiple locations that edit their timecard data in each branch, then send the data to the corporate headquarters for payroll processing.

Using any standard Web browser, branches can upload their time and attendance data directly to the Jupiter Time & Attendance database.

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Similar to other merge options, branches can upload their employees’ data to be merged in headquarters’ database. FTP Merge utilizes an FTP server which stores all the branches’ data until headquarters retrieves and merges it into their Jupiter Time & Attendance database.

Eliminating the need for a wide-area network which can be costly, FTP Merge is an excellent solution to many companies’ time management needs.

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Compatibility Chart:
STD - Compatible with the Standard Version of Jupiter
JC - Compatible with Jupiter Job Costing/Tracking Version
CS - Compatible with Jupiter Client/Server Version
SBE - Compatible with the Small Business Edition

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