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Web Timecards

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With Jantek’s Web Timecards, managers or supervisors don’t need to be at the company’s location to edit employees’ timecards.

From any location in the world using a standard Web browser, additions, corrections, and deletions can be made and the information is instantly updated in Jupiter 9.0 SQL database.

In addition to hours worked, Web Timecards allows users to add earnings and deductions.


  • Management can edit, delete, and add records to the employee timecards without having the Jupiter 9.0 SQL software installed.

  • Can be configured for use on the company intranet and/or the Internet.

  • Entry of IN/OUT times or overriding default calculation of Regular and Overtime hours are supported.

  • Earnings such as tips, and deductions like uniform fees can be added.

 Hardware  Software Features  Add-on Modules  Return on Investment  Try Demo

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